GUS 926 - Maudslay Marathon III


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    GUS 926
Chassis Type:   Maudslay Marathon III
Chassis Number:    70512
Body Type And Seating:    Park Royal C35F
Body Number:     B34217
Date New:    August 1949
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    MacBraynes (136)

Vehicle Information:


This bus is the oldest MacBrayne's bus currently preserved.  It is fitted with an A.E.C. engine and Park Royal 35 seat body.  During its service it was based at the Ardrishaig Depot, Argyll.

In 1968 it was sold to a Dundee showman and in March 1971 was bought by the Albion Vehicle Preservation Trust who kept it until December 1979. It changed ownership again, this time to David Dean, Paisley, who did not use it and little was done preservation-wise. Leaving Paisley it crossed the border to a Chepstow firm. After arriving here it lay for some time and its condition deteriorated badly. However, that did not stop Derek Hunter taking it in hand and doing a first class job of restoring it back to its original condition.

GUS spends the winter months at Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust and joins its two colleagues at Stonehaven for the summer months.


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