MNS 10Y - Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/1R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    MNS 10Y
Chassis Type:   Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/1R
Chassis Number:    8300001
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander TE C49F
Body Number:     4TE/1282/5
Date New:    April 1983
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Central SMT (LT10)

Vehicle Information:


LT10 was delivered new to Airbles (Motherwell) Depot in Central Scottish coach livery. In late 1984 LT10 was repainted into Scottish Citylink colours and reseated with 47 reclining coach seats. It operated from Hamilton Depot on services into Edinburgh until early 1989 when LT10 returned to fleet colours.

In July 1989 Central Scottish merged with Kelvin Scottish to create Kelvin Central Buses. LT10 was numbered 2217 in the new fleet. Later the same year the whole batch of buses was sold to Fife Scottish. Operating initially from St Andrews and then Aberhill (Leven) depots and renumbered 470 the first few months were spent still in the Central Scottish livery.

In 1991 Stagecoach bought the company. By this time 470 had been repainted into Fife Scottish red and cream. In late 1991 470 was moved to Dunfermline depot where most of it's time was spent operating service 80 between Dunfermline and North Queensferry.

Repainted into Stagecoach livery in 1993 and reseated with 49 Stagecoach standard seats in 1995 the bus continued in service until 1999. Sold by Fife to Galloways of Harthill and then on their closure to Golden Eagle Coaches of Salsburgh the bus operated until the summer of 2004 at which time it was purchased for preservation.

It is intended to return it to Fife Scottish colours.  The photo below shows it on Citylink service in Edinburgh.


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