YTS 916A - AEC Reliance


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    YTS 916A (Originally JWG 682)
Chassis Type:   AEC Reliance
Chassis Number:    MU3RV1354
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander C41F
Body Number:     5201
Date New:    June 1957
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Alexander (AC102)

Vehicle Information:


Whilst NMS 358  and WSK 509  in the collection represent the typical 1950s "country" dual purpose coach, this vehicle has been brought to Bridgeton as an example of an earlier 1950s standard vehicle with the service bus body. This style of body is more commonly associated with AEC Monocoaches operated by Alexanders and Scottish Omnibuses (Eastern Scottish) though was also fitted to some batches of AEC Reliances like this one, also Leyland Tiger Cubs.

This bus is fitted with AEC AH470 engine, 5 speed synchromesh gearbox and vacuum brakes.  New to W. Alexander & Sons in 1957 as fleet no AC102, and passed to the Alexander (Northern) company in 1961, we understand it was originally based at Forfar depot. After use by Northern it was used as the Dundee depot works bus before being  sold in the late 1970s to a group of enthusiasts who used it on a tour of Europe before selling it on return. Thereafter it was owned by a number of farmers and was eventually being used by a contractor in the Arbroath area for many years.

Originally registered JWG 682 it has been re-registered as YTS 916A but it is hoped to obtain a Stirlingshire number (where all Alexanders buses were registered) for it in due course.  If you can help this would be appreciated.

Presently unrestored, restoration is planned in future when other projects are completed.


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