SF51 YAD - Volvo B10BLE


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    SF51 YAD
Chassis Type:    Volvo B10BLE
Chassis Number:    YV3R4A5171A008239
Body Type And Seating:    Wright Renown  B44F
Body Number:     E308
Date New:    November 2001
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    First Glasgow  (SV633)

Vehicle Information:

Volvo B10BLE SF51 YAD was new to First Glasgow as SV633 in November 2001.  Allocated to Parkhead Depot, it was used on routes 40,54,61 and 62 around the City. It was one of a big batch of single deckers brought in to help displace some of the other low-floors onto other routes within the city operated by the various type of Volvo and Scania lowfloors. It operated on the branded 62 between Baillieston and Faifley mainly, a 24/7 service at the time.

In 2002 it transferred to Knightswood Depot for the 62 as Parkhead did not have the staff to operate the route. It would later return to Parkhead.

Later on in life it moved to Blantyre to replace the Darts being operated on mainstream services such as the 240 and 267.


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