522 XUT - Ford Thames


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    522 XUT
Chassis Type:    Fordson Thames 4D
Chassis Number:    N/A
Body Type And Seating:    Xuereb B36F
Body Number:     N/A
Date New:    1932 (Chassis), 1952 (Body)
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Malta

Vehicle Information:

DBY-001 was imported into Malta in November 1952 and entered service as a bus in May 1953. Original registration was 674 but later changed to 711. The original bodywork was built as a B36C but later re-built as a B36F. Later registrations included A0711, Y1034, Y0333 and finally DBY-333. It was withdrawn bearing this last registration with the current orange/yellow livery. Some people identify the body maker as Xuereb and most of the others Barbara.

As local buses were custom-made, even to the educated eye, it is not so easy to make out differences between body styles.

The vehicle has now passed it's MOT test and is now fully roadworthy, and is issued with a UK Registration number of 522 XUT


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