October 2019

Stock List updated to include new arrivals 354 UYG, FFV 447D, PUS 920F, and NIW 4122 and to remove from the list RSG 261, SGE 702G, and XLS 717Y which have left the collection.

August 2019

Information leaflet and timetables for The Great Big Heritage Bus Tour on 31st August 2019 added.

Details of Maggie's Centres Culture Crawl added.

July 2019

Link to GVVT Book Sale added.

Maggie’s Centres Culture Crawl added to Events.

Vehicles LUS 436Y and P578 DMS removed from Stock List on departure. 

June 2019

Added stock page for returning arrivals SGD 407 and SGD 241.

Removed departed vehicles D368 YSA  and G567 PRM from the stock list.

Added stock page for returning arrival FYS 998.

April 2019

Updated information on Celebrating 125 Years of Municipal Transport in Glasgow - click here.

Added stock pages for new arrivals Y182 BGB and SF51 YAD.