WG 4445 - Leyland Tiger TS7


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    WG 4445
Chassis Type:    Leyland Tiger TS7
Chassis Number:    8807
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander C35F
Body Number:     3641
Date New:    February 1937
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Simpson's & Forrester's (45)

 Vehicle Information:


Simpson's & Forrester's was formed in 1929 by the merging of two West Fife operators, messrs A & R Forrester of Lochgelly and Simpson's Motor Service of Dunfermline. Although closely tied to the fledgling W. Alexander & Sons operation it was not until 1938 that the company was fully absorbed and WG 4445 renumbered P331. During the early and mid 1930's a number of standard Alexander vehicles entered the fleet and these easily became part of the large fleet after the takeover.

The original body was replaced in 1949 with a more modern Alexander design and only 30 coach seats. At this time the bus was moved to the subsidiary fleet of David Lawson, Kirkintilloch. The new coach body saw P331 being used on long distance tour work. In 1959 a set of 39 bus seats were fitted.

In 1961 the large Alexander's company was split into three separate companies, the former Lawson's fleet becoming part of the new W. Alexander & Sons (Midland) Ltd. P331 was to last only a short time with Midland, withdrawal thought to have taken place in 1961 although some of the batch continued to operate from the former Lawson's depot in Kirkintilloch until 1964.

The photo below shows P331 as it was when restored in 1975.  Subsequently it spent a considerable time in open storage and has deteriorated considerably highlighting the necessity of covered dry storage for these elderly vehicles. Hopefully one day it will be returned to its former glory. 


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