A25 VDS - Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RH


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    A25 VDS
Chassis Type:    Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RH
Chassis Number:    8400069
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander TS B53F
Body Number:     15TS/1983/5
Date New:    29 May 1984
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Central SMT (LT25)

Vehicle Information:


LT25 is a relatively uncommon Gardner engined Leyland Tiger and is fitted with a variant of Alexander’s T coach body called the TS.  This low spec bus seated body was developed specifically for Central as an alternative to the new P-type bus being offered at the time, the TS being purchased exclusively by Central Scottish (although a few buses were delivered to the newly formed Kelvin Scottish). 

LT25 entered service with Central SMT in 1984. In July 1989, Central Scottish merged with Kelvin Scottish to form Kelvin Central. LT25 was renumbered 1245 in the new numbering scheme for the new fleet. The 1000 indicated a bus, and the Leyland Tigers were all numbered in the 200 range.

In 1993, Strathclyde Buses bought over Kelvin Central and later introduced their own alphanumeric fleet numbering system when A25 VDS became ST345. It was at Motherwell Depot around this time.

The SB Holdings group was later bought over by First and renamed First Glasgow. Upon the withdrawal of the last few Strathclyde Atlanteans from the driver training fleet, ST345 was one of several Tigers converted to driver training buses. Following conversion, it was renumbered T11 and joined the training fleet at Larkfield Depot.

In May 2003, T11 was renumbered 61712 in the First national numbering scheme.

In 2007, new DVLA rules prompted the gradual replacement of the Tigers with more modern vehicles, but it was not until early 2008 that A25 VDS finally left training duties for good and entered preservation.  Although conversion for driver training involved removal of the cab partitions and many of the seats, all the parts to return the bus to original Central Scottish condition have been secured and the bus will eventually be presented in its initial “zig-zag” red and cream livery with SBG orange moquette seating.


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