B105 PKS - MCW Metrobus DR132/6


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    B105 PKS
Chassis Type:   MCW Metrobus DR132/6
Chassis Number:    MB7932
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander RL H45/33F
Body Number:     RL18/484/17
Date New:    April 1985
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Alexander (Midland) (MRM105)

Vehicle Information:


B105 PKS was just one of 121 Metrobuses delivered new to Midland Scottish between 1981 and 1987, entering service on April 10th, 1985, from Grangemouth depot and allocated fleetnumber MRM105. This bus carried Midland Scottish blue/cream livery complete with the SBG "Best Bus In Town" slogans in large font on the lower side panels, and was used on local services in the Falkirk/Grangemouth area until 1988 when Grangemouth depot was closed and Linlithgow depot transferred from Eastern to Midland. MRM105 was the very last vehicle to leave the workshops at Grangemouth, having a rope attached and being pulled out by the full complement of engineering staff for an SBG magazine photo shoot. The Grangemouth allocation was split between Linlithgow, Larbert Road and Bannockburn, with MRM105 moving to Larbert. The M prefix was dropped from Midland fleet numbers in 1989, and this, along with a rationalisation of double decker fleet numbers led to B105 PKS becoming RM805. The bus led a varied life, and being equipped with a Cummins engine as opposed to the less powerful Gardner unit, was regularly used on the tightly timed 21/27 services from Falkirk to Glasgow via Kilsyth, in addition to more mundane Falkirk local routes. RM805 remained at Larbert Road through privatisation, and wore numerous permutations of GRT and First Edinburgh liveries.

In Autumn 2003, 805 left Larbert after 15 years at the depot, and joined a collection of both Cummins and Gardner powered Metrobuses at Balfron, used on any routes by this point. The Balfron Metrobuses received only minimal maintenance on their "dock" visits to Bannockburn; however the robustness of the design withstood this well. Withdrawal of the ex-Midland Metrobuses gathered pace in 2004-6, indeed in 2006 only 6 Metrobuses remained in use. 805's engine was still in fantastic condition but a serious fault in the gearbox and control electronics had arisen and in April, unhealthy noises from the diff led to the bus being withdrawn, second last before 810.

The photos below show the bus in service in Falkirk in 1985 and as it is now.

B105 PKS passed into preservation in July 2006 following several months on the scrap line at Larbert Depot. The restoration was a monumental task, finally completed in July 2007 when 805 returned to the Larbert Road paintshop to be finished in full Midland regalia.


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