BJX 848C - Bedford VAS1


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    BJX 848C
Chassis Type:   Bedford VAS1
Chassis Number:    2043
Body Type And Seating:    Duple Bella Vista C29F
Body Number:     1184/45
Date New:    May 1965
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Abbeyways, Halifax

Vehicle Information:


The Bedford VAS and the Duple bodywork represent a fairly typical coach of the mid 1960s. These were most common amongst English operators, Duple not really being that common until the late 1970s in Scotland.

One operator who did order the type new was MacBraynes, the well-known operator in the western Highlands and the Islands. Although the nationalised Scottish Bus Group swallowed the company in 1970 the memory of the company still remains.

None of the MacBraynes vehicles of this type survive so it is the intention to restore this vehicle in their red, green and cream colours to represent one of their vehicles.

It was last operated in public service by  Jamieson of Cullivoe, Shetland.  It is being restored as part of the Trust's "Back on the Road" scheme which provides support and training for those with addiction and other issues.


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