BUS 181 - AEC Regent 0661


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    BUS 181
Chassis Type:   AEC Regent 0661
Chassis Number:   06616225
Body Type And Seating:    Crossley
Body Number:     N/A
Date New:    July 1938 (chassis); 1951 (body)
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Glasgow Corporation (615, later AR292)

Vehicle Information:


BUS 181 was new with Cowieson H30/26R bodywork, and entered service with Glasgow Corporation as 615 in July 1938.

It was withdrawn from service at Ibrox garage in 1950 for rebodying to Crossley design by Scottish Commercial, retaining the same seating capacity. However Scottish Commercial withdrew from the contract and it (and 8 others) were rebodied by Crossley. On its return to service in March 1951 it was renumbered AR292, the R indicating a rebody.

It was sold to Hunter of Kilmarnock (part of the A1 group) in 1961 and converted to a recovery vehicle.

Once in the hands of a preservationist in 1980, it was restored and painted in GCT livery.

Sold to First Glasgow in March 2004, this vehicle had a couple of years unused until it was sold to Glasgow City Council in 2006 for continued preservation.

It would be desirable to one day restore this rare bus with a double deck body once more!


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