D741 WRC - Ford R1014H


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    D741 WRC
Chassis Type:   Ford R1014
Chassis Number:    BCRSWP408170
Body Type And Seating:    Plaxton 'Paramount' C45F
Body Number:      8710FTP2C001
Date New:    March 1987
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Slack, Derbyshire 

Vehicle Information:


The chassis of this bus was built in 1979 and stood in Ford's yard for some years. It was apparently built for the army. It was eventually purchased and bodied in 1986 by Plaxton.

It has a 4 over 4 range change box with Eaton rear axle.

It is believed this vehicle was new to Slack's Travel of Tansley, Matlock, and came to Shetland in August 1991 to James Watt & Son of Rewick. It was the last coach purchased by this company. It was sold again to P&T Coach in Unst, Shetland in 1996. They then traded the coach in at Volvo in Loughborough in 1998. It was later sold to TRS of Leicester. The coach unbelievably returned to Shetland in 2000 to PW & EJ Isbister of Walls and was sold with their business to current owners A&K Transport, Walls in 2008.


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