GRS 334E - Albion Viking VK43AL


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    GRS 334E
Chassis Type:   Albion Viking VK43AL
Chassis Number:    53413K
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander Y C40F
Body Number:     89/Y/1966/39
Date New:    June 1967
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    W Alexander & Sons (Northern) Ltd (NNV34)

Vehicle Information:


The Albion Viking was a Scottish bus. Albion built their buses and lorries in Glasgow and Alexander built this body in Falkirk (some were built in Belfast by Alexanders).

In the mid 1960s the Scottish Bus Group was looking for a lightweight vehicle for use primarily in rural areas. The main operators were the three former Alexander companies: Fife, Midland and Northern. In all the three companies took 211 new and a further handful secondhand from Scottish Omnibuses.

The idea of a rear engined single decker was not universally popular at the time and all were delivered between 1965 and 1970. Twenty years later the Dennis Dart used a similar rear engined design to universal acclaim.

NNV34 operated from Aberdeen's Gairn Terrace depot and operated until the early 1980s. The fashion by that time was for large capacity, heavy-duty single deckers.

Reducing patronage and increasing costs have forced the current owners of these companies to reintroduce smaller vehicles to many of the routes that the Albion Viking operated on.


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