HGA 983D - Bedford VAS1


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    HGA 983D
Chassis Type:   Bedford VAS1
Chassis Number:    6843959
Body Type And Seating:    Willowbrook B24FM
Body Number:      CF1307
Date New:    May 1966
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    MacBraynes (210)

Vehicle Information:


HGA 983D is a Bedford VAS 1 with a Willowbrook body B24FM (24 seats F stands for front loading door and M for Mail compartment). First registered on May 1966 to MacBraynes and given fleet No 210.

The bus had its first service on Islay replacing YYS 174 which was new to MacBraynes in 1960 and also had its first service on Islay. These small buses were well suited to the narrow twisting roads of Islay.

It continued on Islay to the demise of MacBraynes in 1971 and was sold in January 1972 to Highland Omnibuses and was given fleet no CD93. It is believed that it was then used on the Inverness – Helmsdale – Tain route etc. as the destination screen showed.

It was then transferred to Northern Constabulary as a police staff bus and then after a time to Highland Health Board who also used it as a staff bus for Craigdulnain Hospital.

The next owners were Brechin Railway Society who rather roughly painted it back into MacBrayne colours. Aberdeen Transport carried out some work on it, re-skinning panels etc. prior to painting and then decided to sell the bus on. It was at this time in July 1994 that the MacBrayne Circle were informed about it and along with a group of members decided to purchase the bus.It has been in the ownership more or less with the same group to this day.

The photo below was taken during a fashion shoot for the Herald newspaper in 2012.


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