JGA 189N - Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    JGA 189N
Chassis Type:   Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R
Chassis Number:    7500623
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AL H45/31F
Body Number:     AL38/1134/7
Date New:    May 1975
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    GGPTE (LA907)

Vehicle Information:


LA907 was new to GGPTE in 1975 and was allocated to Larkfield Garage where it is believed to have spent all of its Glasgow working life. It would have entered service around the time of withdrawal of the last Daimler CVG6s. It was originally fitted with a new type of CAV gearbox (together with LA906-915). LA907 was one of many LAs understood to be have sold by Tiger Coaches to new buyers in 1983/84 as the GGPTE fleet was reduced and some Atlanteans with panoramic windows began to show structural problems.

In 1984, LA907 was purchased by Don's of Dunmow, a small town near Stansted Airport in Essex, for use on school contracts. It had company from Scotland in the shape of ex-GGPTE LA927 and LA974 together with ex-Grahams of Paisley YDS 650S, which had been exhibited at the Scottish Motor Show at Kelvin Hall in 1977. The Don's school bus fleet also featured other Atlanteans including a former Tyne & Wear PTE Alexander bodied 33ft example and two with East Lancs bodies from English fleets, with a fourth ex-Glasgow LA operated at one time.

Don's need for their Atlanteans came to an end in Summer 2005. LA907 was collected on the day of "Showbus 2005" in September 2005 at Duxford and driven to Barnsley for professional attention in the Central works of Yorkshire Traction where body and mechanical work was undertaken to restore the vehicle which has been painted in its original livery. Completion of this work was achieved in late January 2006 and LA907 returned to Scotland at the beginning of February.


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