JUS 774N - Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    JUS 774N
Chassis Type:   Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R
Chassis Number:    7501431
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AL H45/31F
Body Number:     AL38/1172/27
Date New:    June 1975
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    GGPTE (LA927)

Vehicle Information:


LA927 (JUS 774N) entered service in 1975 from Ibrox Garage.  It was delivered in GGPTE livery but was later repainted into 'PTE2' livery of Verona Green, white band and windscreen surround and Gold Cup Yellow upper deck with Trans-Clyde decals.  It has the standard specification GGPTE Alexander body with panoramic slider vent windows and is fitted with a Leyland O.680 engine of 11.2 litres coupled to a semi-automatic 4 speed gearbox. The interior fitted is the lighter green stitched vinyl with green patterned laminate throughout.

It was withdrawn from Strathclyde PTE service in 1983 and operated for Don's of Dunmow in Essex until September 2005 at which point it was acquired for preservation and returned to Glasgow.

The bus is being meticulously restored in its circa 1982 livery and condition complete with “Fast Fare” Almex E ticket equipment, anti-assault screens and fare vault. The original interior trim has been assembled using seats from numerous scrap buses many requiring extensive repair, but is now 100% authentic.

The owner of this vehicle has created an independent website for more thorough restoration information. You can access this by clicking the link below (please note, the GVVT is not responsible for any content on this site):     http://www.glasgowbuses.2ya.com


Photos below show (1) the restored bus and (2) as it was when acquired in 2005.


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