KFF 586P - AEC Reliance


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    KFF 586P
Chassis Type:   AEC Reliance
Chassis Number:    6U3ZR32740
Body Type And Seating:    Plaxton 'Supreme' C53F
Body Number:     7611AC009
Date New:    June 1976
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Regina Travel

Vehicle Information:


Delivered new in June 1976 to Tom Parry (T/A Regina Travel) of Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, this bus remained in service with Regina until the goodwill of the company was sold in late 1997, passing to Alpine Travel Group of Llandudno, Wales.

At this time the coach passed to Welsh preservationist Wynne Peate, who unfortunately developed health problems, forcing the reluctant sale of the coach to Steven King and the members of the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust. The reason is unknown, but the coach was later repurchased by Wynne Peate, whereupon it returned to Wales for its restoration to commence.

In February 2010, it was agreed that Bobby Graham would purchase the coach for continued preservation, albeit in another identity. In April 2010, the vehicle was brought to the Ardrossan premises of the erstwhile CLYDE COAST coach company.

Whilst awaiting admission for storage here at the GVVT, a stainless steel exhaust system was fitted and some work to the air system took place.

The coach has now been restored to represent the 1970s Silver & Blue of the old CLYDE COAST SERVICES Ltd, of Saltcoats.


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