KSD 103W - Volvo Ailsa B55-10 MkII


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    KSD 103W
Chassis Type:   Volvo Ailsa B55-10 MkII
Chassis Number:    80030
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AV H44/35F
Body Number:     AV31/1179/14
Date New:    October 1980
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Western SMT (A103)

Vehicle Information:


New to Western SMT, which became Western Scottish.  The company was then split into Western  Scottish  and  Clydeside  Scottish  in  preparation  for  privatisation  in 1985 with all of Western’s Ailsas ending up in the Clydeside fleet.

As the last known survivor, Paisley allocated PA103 arrived at Bridgeton in 2009 for preservation.


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