KYV 781X - MCW Metrobus DR101/14


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    KYV 781X
Chassis Type:   MCW Metrobus DR101/14
Chassis Number:    MB6693
Body Type And Seating:    MCW Metrobus I H43/28D
Body Number:     6603
Date New:    March 1982
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    London Transport (M781)

Vehicle Information:


M781 was one of 300 Metrobuses ordered in 1981 (M506-805). This batch had updated mechanical gear which resulted in the buses being kept separate. Initially they almost all went to Leaside District in the north of London. The exceptions were the last six, which went to Sidcup for comparative trials against Leyland Titans and DMS Fleetlines.

A visual change from earlier Metrobuses was the provision of extra grilles at the sides of the engine compartment. Another change during production (from M706) was the abandonment of the horizontal slatted grille over the radiator, a mesh grille now covering the hole while silver beading maintained a semblance of style.

M781 entered service on route 67 (Stamford Hill) in May 1982.  In September 1994 it moved to Leaside Buses and was for a period loaned to Centrewest.  The bus passed to Arriva (North London) and was transferred to (Scotland West) in September 1999.  It then moved to McGill’s Motor Services, Greenock then to Orion of Port Glasgow before entering preservation in April 2006.  The bus has been restored to original London Transport specification.


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