NRG 26H - AEC Swift


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    NRG 26H
Chassis Type:   AEC Swift
Chassis Number:    2MP2R317
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander W B43D
Body Number:     9W13/3468/2
Date New:    August 1969
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Aberdeen Corporation (26)

Vehicle Information:


Aberdeen Corporation took several batches of 10 metre AEC Swifts.

Later deliveries, such as 26, used many similar parts to the more common Y type bodywork.

Number 26 was one of a batch of five delivered in 1969, each recorded as costing £6,501. Now a bus of a similar size would not give you much change from £100,000!

The photograph below is of similar Aberdeen Corporation 39 when one year old.


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