RMS 400W - Leyland Leopard PSU3G/4R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    RMS 400W
Chassis Type:   Leyland Leopard PSU3G/4R
Chassis Number:    8130068
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AT DP49F
Body Number:     21AT/2180/3
Date New:    June 1981
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Alexander (Midland) (MPE400) 

Vehicle Information:


Of the 403 Leyland Leopards bought new by Midland between 1964 and 1982 when production of the type ceased, only 30 had received the Alexander T type bodywork. Much more common was the Alexander Y type that accounted for 344 of those purchased. The T-type body was constructed between 1976 and 1983; Midland received the last of this design on their first Leyland Tigers. When new, these coach seated vehicles were used by Midland on long distance services, tours and hire work.

MPE400 was delivered new to Larbert depot from where it would operate until May 1991. By this time the company had been privatised and the new owners GRT Holdings had introduced a new fleetname, Midland Bluebird, and the livery as seen here. The fleet was also renumbered with the MPE being dropped and the vehicle numbered 400. From May 1991 until July 1992 the vehicle formed part of the reserve fleet. The rest of its Midland career would be split between Linlithgow (July 92 - June 94 & August 95 - June 98) and Larbert (June 94 - Aug 95 & June 98 - August 99) depots. After withdrawal in August 1999, 400 was sold to Whitelaw Coaches based in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire.

In March 2002 the bus was purchased for preservation and has since been restored to the early to mid 1990s condition seen today. Since restoration 400 has become a regular at vehicle rallies throughout central Scotland and further afield.


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