UGB 196W - Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    UGB 196W
Chassis Type:   Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R
Chassis Number:    8100075
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AL H45/33F
Body Number:     AL96/4080/4
Date New:    May 1981
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Strathclyde PTE (LA1443)

Vehicle Information:


LA1443 (UGB 196W) was one of the last 99 Atlanteans and one of only 10 actually delivered to Strathclyde PTE.

This batch of Atlanteans differed significantly from previous buses. They reverted to the short bay window configuration and featured a new destination arrangement with space for intermediate and ultimate destination blinds, though as a result of Union action only the ultimate destinations would be used and most of the buses were quickly rebuilt with this blind in the centre. Inside, the buses sported orange checked moquette with a different colour scheme throughout. Patterned honeycomb and walnut effect laminates were used and the result was a much cosier and luxurious feeling bus. These last buses were also fitted with fully automatic transmissions which varied from bus to bus - some being ferociously jerky!

LA1440-1449 were initially to be registered UGB 193-202W but in the end only three buses went into service as such, the remaining vehicles being licensed after August 1981 and thus wearing CUS-X registrations. LA1443 operated from Knightswood, Possilpark and Parkhead garages during its service life and will be restored in a condition reflecting perhaps a year or two in service. It will be restored in the 'PTE3' livery of green, yellow and matt black it was delivered in - very few LAs being so delivered.  The bus has benefitted from a complete re-trim in original pattern moquette.

The owner of this vehicle has created an independent website for more thorough restoration information. You can access this by clicking the link below (please note, the GVVT is not responsible for any content on this site):


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