XGA 15J - Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    XGA 15J
Chassis Type:   Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1
Chassis Number:    7002529
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander H45/29F (originally H45/30D)
Body Number:     J20/5268/17
Date New:    19 August 1970
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Glasgow Corporation (LA517)

Vehicle Information:


This bus was new to Glasgow Corporation Transport, entering service from Langside Garage as fleetnumber LA517. This batch of Atlanteans introduced a new style front dash panel on the Alexander "J" bodywork, similar in styling to that later fitted to the "AL" body. This batch of LAs was fitted for one man operation.

The Corporation fleet transferred to the newly formed Greater Glasgow Passenger Transport Executive in June 1973, and the P.T.E. soon abandoned the dual door layout which proved unpopular with the public. Almost 300 Atlanteans that had been so delivered over the last five years were converted to more familiar single door layout - LA517 in 1976, by which time it had also received the new P.T.E. livery. In single door H45/29F format, it operated until withdrawal in 1980, moving to Ibrox in 1977 and Possilpark in 1980. The short life was a result of the P.T.E.'s urge to modernise with buses sold after nine or ten years, many direct to the scrapyard.

LA517 was one example to pass to dealer North of Sherburn in April 1981. It was bought by Dalehill Coaches of Doncaster soon after and operated as their no.17 until return to North in May 1983. Subsequently the bus passed to K.W. Collingwood, Wheatley Hill, in August, to Redline Travel and Transport of the same location in June 1984 and to J.W.H.L. Maude in Barnard Castle in July 1985. These ex-Glasgow buses didn't often stay in one place for long. Around the end of 1989, the bus travelled deep into North Wales, the next owner being F. Woolley of Llanedwen on Anglesey...

It was imagined that the bus had quietly died a death, but during the late 1990s a trace was again picked up although the bus had last been licensed in 1993! By the time it was purchased in 2007, it had remained largely intact at the back of Woolley's yard for some fourteen years.

The future restoration work will be major, including re-instatement of the centre door. Also, this bus was built just before the days of Alexander's alloy bodywork, so the steel framework has suffered some corrosion. Finally, after such a long time out of use, the mechanics require a complete overhaul, the incorrectly fitted O.600 engine being in a tired condition.  An almost new 680 unit has been sourced having seen use as a backup generator.  Appropriately built in 1971 this UE680 engine has seen only 570 hours use – equivalent to mere weeks in service, and those hours would have been at constant revs with a light load.  The only problem is that the engine ancillaries will require to be removed and replaced with those to correct bus specification.


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