CUS 302X - Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    CUS 302X
Chassis Type:    Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R
Chassis Number:    8100077
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander H45/33F
Body Number:     AL96/4080/9
Date New:    October 1981
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Strathclyde PTE (LA1448)

Vehicle Information:


Glasgow Corporation and its successors Greater Glasgow / Strathclyde PTE ordered a total of 1,449 Leyland Atlanteans delivered between 1958 and 1981.  A further 34 Atlanteans joined the fleet in 1992 but they were secondhand ones obtained to replace vehicles lost in a major fire at Larkfield on 18 May 1992.

LA 1448 is numerically the second last of the new ones.  It was allocated initially to Langside garage from where it would have operated routes to Castlemilk.  When Langside closed in May 1984 it moved to Knightswood garage.  It remained there until it was withdrawn in 1998, going immediately into preservation.

More detailed descriptions of the final batch of Atlanteans LA1351 to LA1449 can be found in the stock pages for UGB 196W and RDS 597W.


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