Y182 BGB - Volvo B10BLE


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    Y182 BGB
Chassis Type:    Volvo B10BLE
Chassis Number:    YV3R4A5121A007838
Body Type And Seating:    Wright Renown B44F
Body Number:     E54
Date New:    June 2001
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Hutchison, Overtown

Vehicle Information:

Two Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown vehicles (body numbers E53 and E54) were delivered to Hutchison of Overtown in June 2001. E53 and E54 were registered as Y181 BGB and Y182 BGB respectively and entered passenger service in July.

182 was one of four B10BLEs purchased at the start of the millennium, two being Alexander ALX300-bodied and two Wright-bodied.

181 and 182 were significant vehicles in the Hutchison fleet as they were the company’s first Wright-bodied buses as well as being among their first heavy-duty low-floor vehicles. Until then, Hutchison had purchased and relied on Optare for low-floor services.

The two new purchases were the first service buses to obtain the revised “swoosh livery”. Two Volvo B10BLEs with Alexander ALX300 coachwork which were bought the previous year had a simplified livery.

The instantly recognisable Flying H, which had been standard on both service and coach fleet since the 70s, disappeared from the sides of 181 and 182, but it was retained on the rear of the vehicles by company director Stuart Anderson.

During its life with Hutchison, 182 worked the streets of central Lanarkshire on the bread-and-butter routes from Larkhall to Motherwell, Coltness to Motherwell and latterly the extended Overtown-Hamilton services in competition with First, McKindless and others. The bus also got to stretch its legs on the Glasgow Express X9/X11 Glasgow-Cleland and Newmains services.

When operations were sold to First in July 2007, 182 was among a variety of Hutchison vehicles – including Optare Excels, Scania L94UB Wright Solars, Volvo B7RLEs and Plaxton Premiere Volvo B10Ms – transferred to First Glasgow. It gained the fleet number 66282.

Initially it was based at Blantyre Depot but was repatriated to Overtown when First reopened the garage in August, 2008. It was a regular on the main arterial routes 240, 255 and 267 from central Lanarkshire to Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station.

During its later years in service, 182 returned to the routes it operated when purchased new by Hutchison and was a familiar sight on the streets of Motherwell and Wishaw.

In February 2019, 182 was the last survivor of the Hutchison era to leave Overtown. It switched to First’s Caledonia Depot and worked from there for three weeks (in March 2020, the last four service vehicles Hutchison bought new in 2004 were still based at Blantyre).

182 was withdrawn from service on March 20, 2019 and on April 3 was collected by new owners Mark Loughlan and Ed Bonner and brought to GVVT, Bridgeton.

Since entering preservation the bus has been faithfully restored to its original Hutchison livery and is the only example of a vehicle in the striking “swoosh” colour scheme. On the inside, the seats have been retrimmed in original graffiti-pattern moquette, and handrails have received fresh powder coat.

Photos below - 

  1. June 2001 – two Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renowns (E53 and E54) are delivered to Overtown. These were a notable addition to the fleet, being Hutchison’s first Wright-bodied vehicles.  © John Connell
  2. Clad in Barbie – Coltness Terminus, June 24, 2017 en route to Cleland, 182 wears the white, pink and blue livery of First. © Mark Loughlan

  3. What a difference a year makes – July 14, 2018, same bus, same place, new livery. Freshly painted 66282, works its old haunts of Motherwell and Wishaw.              © Mark Loughlan

  4. Back to the swoosh – the body restoration is complete and Y182BGB is now the only vehicle in existence wearing Hutchie swoosh livery. © Mark Loughlan

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