NIW 4122 - Dennis Javelin


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    NIW 4122  (ex E951 EPD)
Chassis Type:    Dennis Javelin
Chassis Number:    12SDA1901/102
Body Type And Seating:    Duple 320   C57F
Body Number:     8680/0404
Date New:    August 1987
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Don's, Greater Dunmow, Essex

Vehicle Information:


NIW4122, originally registered E951EPD, is a Duple 320-bodied Dennis Javelin with chassis number 102, which was the first production Javelin (chassis 101 was a test bed). It was used as a demonstrator for Dennis across the UK until it was sold to Don’s of Dunmow in Essex and then into preservation.


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